Monday, January 2, 2012

DAY # 23 Apples Malloy (Dip)

So in the previous post i said i was looking for a dessert dip to go along with my other dip for New Year's Eve.  After searching and searching, this was the one that caught my eye.  It seemed easy enough  :)

How could you not want to try this?  And the apples make it healthy right?  LOL

So here is the recipe...

4 lrg Granny Smith Apples
1 package of cream cheese
Caramel Sauce
mini chocolate chips
1 Heath Bar candy bar (chopped)

Mix cream cheese with generous amount of caramel sauce.  Smear on bottom of platter.  Sprinkle with a handful of mini chocolate chips.  Top with chopped up Heath Bar.  Serve with sliced Granny Smith apples.

Here is the original pin:
Here is the original blog post:

This was such a hit at the party!

???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???
Big Time WIN!

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