Thursday, January 5, 2012

DAY # 25 Devils Food (chocolate) Waffles

Today is Thursday.  A few years ago Thursday nights were known as "Grey's Anatomy Night."  That meant that she would come to dinner and my husband would cook us something extra yummy.  Every now and then, especially if it was premier night or season finale night, we would just skip dinner and make devils food cupcakes and drown them in melted butter.  It sounds weird, i know, but there is no better way to eat a chocolate cupcake.  At least this was our Thursday night were before my sister went off and got hitched.  Now life is a little too busy now that we both have husbands and i have kids.  From time to time, I'll still make the cupcakes just for old times sake  :)

So this pin...Red Velvet Waffles got me to thinking, if you can make red velvet waffles and drown them in melted cream cheese frosting, then why not chocolate waffles and drown them in butter?  Of course, this is something I've been thinking about since before Thanksgiving, so I made sure that when I went shopping on Black Friday that i fought for a cheap waffle maker  ;)

Some reading on Google explained that i should just make the cake mix as usual and put it into the waffle maker.  Sounds easy enough....or at least i thought it did  LOL

So it turns out that a whole cup of cake mix is TOO MUCH and I forgot to spray cooking spray on the waffle maker so cake mix was stuck to EVERY surface.  LOL, a big mess and a lot of scrubbing later, i was ready to try again.

I used half a cup of mix and closed the waffle iron for a few minutes.  When i opened it back up, i was happy to see that my waffles looked like waffles.

Well, minus a few corners because i was too afraid to overfill the darn thing again!

Here is where the problem lies.  The waffles don't really have a "waffle" texture.  They were VERY soft and really hard to get out of the machine because they just wanted to rip apart.  I ended up just turning the waffle maker over and dumping them out every time.  LOL, what ever works for pretty waffles, right?!

I will definitely be making these again!  :)  Maybe I'll drizzle the top with hot fudge next time!
And i will definitely be trying the Red Velvet Waffles a little closer to Valentines!

???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???

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