Friday, December 30, 2011

DAY # 13 Elf Donuts

Like many other mommies I was scrambling for more elf on the shelf ideas when it came down to the last week before Christmas.  I came up with many ideas but saved a few until the last few days before Christmas.  This was one of them...Elf Donuts.  I thought it would be so fun for the kids to make these alongside the cookies for Santa.  My kids were stoked.  Problem #1, I thought i had white frosting in my pantry but it turned out i only had chocolate, so i tried to make some up really quick but it wasn't as thick so didn't work out quite so well.  Oh well, the kids had fun making them and that was the point.  Here is our first comical fail.

Here was the original pin:

So here are the pictures of our attempt.   LOL

Yep!  We nailed it!  LOL  Oh well, it was worth the effort!  :)

???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???
It was a FAIL for us!  ;)

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