Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DAY # 8 Chemical Free Clean Microwave

I'm sure that you've noticed that i'm posting day 8 on day number 9, but lets face it, this is gonna happen from time to time.  But rest assured, at the end of one year, there will be 365 posts  :)

I never understood why people who waited until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping were sooooo cranky about it.  Now, i understand.  Every year i'm pretty much finished with my shopping after Black Friday (which happens to be my favorite day of the year).  Not this year.  My husband is starting his own company, so when the job pays we get a check, thus the reason for our last minute shopping.  Instead of doing my blog yesterday, i spent the day fighting idiot drivers, tons of traffic, unimaginable crowds, and lines that were 10 people deep, all while fighting my two boys who insisted that they needed everything that they saw and found every reason to fight while in the basket.  Sounds like fun huh!

So here's my pinterest post....

A chemical free clean microwave.  Supposedly you take a bowl, place 2 cups of water and a tsp of vanilla in it and microwave it for 5 minutes.  There is another post out there that claims the same thing but with vinegar instead of vanilla.  I will try it next time.

So i placed the bowl in the microwave and hit the 5 minute button.  Note to self....don't try to do this, make grilled cheese sandwiches for the boys, and roll cookies in confectioners sugar, it's a little too much all at one time.  LOL  So after i flipped the sandwiches and powdered a few more cookies, the microwave beeped.  I washed my sticky hands and grabbed my scrubber, opened the microwave, and was suprised that there was no steam.  I tried to scub a little but not much came off, especially that weird greasy build up on the top.  I closed the microwave and set it for another 5 minutes while i finished the sandwiches and cookies.  After the time was up i tried to scrub it again and no luck.  The grime is still stuck on  :(


After 1st scrubbing

After 2nd Scrubbing (GROSE!)

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???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???
FAIL  :(

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  1. I tried this with the vinegar and it worked great! I actually put it in a spray bottle and sprayed the microwave all over then microwaved for a minute or two. It melted off and was really clean.