Saturday, December 17, 2011

DAY # 6 DIY Microdermabrasion

After a busy weekend of celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and getting all of our Christmas shopping done in one day, I'm exhaused!  LOL  So here I am sitting at my computer at 10:24 pm (when my bedtime is 9:30 at the latest) and trying to blog about the face scrub i did yesterday.  So instead of a long spill and a fun little story to go along with this, i'm going to cut right to the chase....

I found this pin and couldn't resist.  It claimed that i could mix 1 part Baking Soda to 3 parts water into a paste and make my own microdermabrasion.  So, here i am in my bathroom mixing away and thinking "i've done this wrong!"  because it's not making a paste!  It's VERY watery!  Now i'm wondering how in the world i'm going to even get it on my face.  Here is the picture....

Can you see my dilema? 

So I start using my hand like a scoop and trying to smear the stuff on my face.  For the most part it's working if i try to just scoop the stuff out that's settled on the bottom of the bowl.  So now that it's on my face i'm scrubbing in a circular motion.  Just a tiny note here, after a few minutes, this stuff started to really burn!  So i tried rinsing it off in the sink.  But much to my horror it was like trying to rinse sand off your feet at the beach with the ocean water.  LOL, it was pointless!  So into the shower i went.  10 minutes later i emerged to see what the result was.

My skin did look a little better.  But i'm not sure if it was just because it got some exfoliation or what.  I wasn't super impressed so i'm gonna keep looking for that "miracle"  :)

You can find the original pin here:

???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail  ???
I can't really say  :(

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