Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DAY # 9 Italian Wedding Cookies

If asked, most people would say that their grandmother is the best baker.  This is absolutely true for me.  Both of my grandmothers are AMAZING bakers.  Growing up my Nanny Tucker would bake all sorts of goodies, but my absolute favorite were her wedding cookies.  It was pretty much a guarantee that every time she made them, i would eat the whole batch all by myself and if i didn't, i would take what was left home with me.

When i saw this pin today i got quite excited.  I could make my own wedding cookies and i had all of the ingredients on hand, YAY!  So i got out all of the ingredients, washed the boys hands, and we set to work.  The boys helped dump all of the ingredients into the mixer and we watched it go round and round.  Now it was time for the fun.  We all got our hands dirty rolling the dough into balls...

We then put them into the oven for 18 minutes and they came out lookin like this...

We dropped them down into a baggie with powdered sugar and gently shook them up...

Tada!  Wedding cookies!  Now the true test, what do they taste like?

Well, they weren't quite like Nanny's.  Hers were more crunchy and would sorta crumble in your mouth, where these probably could have cooked a little longer.  They also still had a distinct flour taste.  All in all, they were easy and i still ate some (not the whole plate  LOL).  My boys wouldn't eat any though because they wanted flat cookies not round ones  :)

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???  Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail ???
I would say neither win nor fail.  It's all up to your taste buds!

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