Thursday, December 15, 2011

DAY # 4 Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

After last night it became apparent to me that my year long journey with Pinterest would not be possible without one or two failures.  I would love to believe that every craft project really worked the way it was supposed to and that every recipe tasted like a five star creation.  However, last night my perfect little bubble was burst.  But that's exactly what this blog is supposed to be about.  Not only are you supposed to find all of the good of pinterest, but you should be able to find people who will post about a recipe not living up to par!  With me you will get the good with the bad. 

My family LOVES Mexican food.  Every Saturday morning we get up, all 5 of us get dressed, and we head on over to Georgetown TX and eat authentic Mexican food for breakfast.  We are regulars there and know all of the waitresses by name and my boys even call a few of them "their girlfriends".  Yes, they are 4 and 5 and the whole "girl crazy" thing has started early  :)

I was excited to try this new recipe.  I popped on over to the blog, read the recipe and then read the reviews (i do this with all recipes, as you can learn alot from others experience).  I then headed off to the store and picked up all of the stuff.  Unlike most other nights, i actually stuck to the recipe.  I didn't add anything and i didn't take anything away (at least not at first).  Before putting the first layer into my new super cute baking dish, i tasted the concoction.  And this is where disappointment set in.  It was SOOOOOOOO bland!  I had to add TONS of seasoning  and more sauce just to get it to taste like anything.  No matter how much i doctored, i just couldn't get the flavor right.  I gave up and layered all of the ingredients as the recipe said and baked.  It didn't get any better.  The tortillas turned very soggy (which made the whole thing even more disappointed).  I guess it goes without saying that i will NOT be making this again.

Here is the link to the original pin:
(the description is quite misleading, it states "This was voted the #1 Casserole for the year at Taste Of Home - Cheesy enchilada casserole ")

Here is the link to the original blog recipe:

??? Pinterest Win / Pinterest Fail ???
Definite Fail!

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  1. I think this was the same one I made and the tortillas turned out soggy too ! I thought maybe Corn tortillas might help ?